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Industry 4.0 is a fundamental paradigm for us, incorporated into our production process with the aim of improving efficiency, precision and quality of work.
By choosing our services, your pieces will all be made in our factory equipped with 4.0 automation.

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Set-ups and services for trade fairs, conventions, exhibitions and events.

Henoto, in the exhibit sector, offers tailor-made solutions. Customized spaces that give a unique identity to your brand. Made with advanced and patented Henoto technologies, the customizable setups guarantee high technical quality, design and sustainability. Maintaining the advantages of structural modules, advanced solutions offer a high degree of customization. The construction process is inspired by the circular economy, with the recovery and recycling of materials at the end of use.

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Temporary Structures

Temporary architectures: design, technology, style.

Modular solutions for trade fairs, events and exhibitions. A wide range of outdoor architecture for installations, events and exhibitions. A set of systems for the world of temporary and reconfigurable architecture, set-up and exhibition. A technology patented by Henoto that is modular, sustainable, customizable and versatile.


Originality, high quality, fine finishes.

From the moodboard to the rendered project up to the executive drawings: the process is entirely followed by our technical office with the utmost attention to quality and finishes. The choice of materials is one of the primary factors for the excellent success of projects like these: we take care of all the processing phases down to the smallest detail, leaving nothing to chance. Our strength is versatility, we make every space pleasant to live for us. Industry and craftsmanship in a perfect combination.


Our pre-fitted solutions.

Together we build the way in which your company and your products must be presented, creating the most suitable constructive and communicative path to reach your target. Concept, production and installation: turnkey tailoring projects for your point of sale, your shop window or a showroom. Concepts designed and created by our designers to make the most of every display area of your point of sale.

Sport Tech

New Sports Border.

We also offer cutting-edge solutions in sporting contexts, particularly in the construction of padel courts. The transversal skills and acquired know-how allow us to provide diversified, light and resistant structural solutions, capable of guaranteeing rapid and totally customized installation. Not only fields but also ancillary structures such as changing rooms and relaxation areas.


The Neutral Way is the philosophy promoted by Henoto, in full adherence with the guidelines for the design and realisation of sustainable booths, conceived to protect the environment.
The materials used following the “The Neutral Way” philosophy make it possible to avoid up to 87% of CO2 emissions. The very adaptable used technology allows setting up and dismantling in a short time. Each element, having reached the end of its cycle, can be transformed and reused, reducing transport and waste. 

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Henoto Worldwide

Through an international network representing us all over the world, Henoto is a leading economic player in the sector of all-around setting-up: our worldwide network - from Europe to the United States, from China to the United Arab Emirates - allows us to offer our services everywhere. 
Partnerships with companies operating in different sectors, extensive experience in large-scale event management, and perfect market knowledge ensure that Henoto can offer a quick solution to all requests. 

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