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Why becoming a designer of Henoto?

With us you will strengthen your portfolio with the best Exhibit projects. Earn money by working with our top clients, in a worldwide perspective and with a sustainable impact.

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How it works

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You can now earn money by being chosen by our clients to design their projects.

If you will use SketchUp to design our clients' projects, you will get a higher ranking and get access to our highest paying jobs.

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Henoto Worldwide

Through an international network representing us all over the world, Henoto is a leading economic player in the sector of all-around setting-up: our worldwide network - from Europe to the United States, from China to the United Arab Emirates - allows us to offer our services everywhere. 
Partnerships with companies operating in different sectors, extensive experience in large-scale event management, and perfect market knowledge ensure that Henoto can offer a quick solution to all requests. 

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